[London 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 2, das olympische Radrennen (Männer)~6 Minuten Lesezeit

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Am zweiten Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 fand in das Radrennen der Männer statt. Dies brachte einige Einschränkungen für den mit sich. Ebenfalls mussten einige Buslinien umgeleitet werden. Im Großen und Ganzen kam es zu keinen großen Störungen und Behinderungen. In Kombination mit dem niedrigen Verkehrsaufkommens am Wochenende scheint der besser zu fließen als üblich.

[] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 2, das olympische Radrennen (Männer)

Verkehrsereignisse und Erfahrungen vom zweiten Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London.

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Hinweis: Die chronologische Reihenfolge wurde aus Komfortgründen geändert. Frühere Ereignisse stehen nun oben, später unten.
Transport for London schätzt, dass an den ersten beiden Tagen etwa 15 Prozent weniger Fahrzeuge auf den Straßen Londons unterwegs waren als normal.
Am Samstag, den 28.07.2012 fanden Wettkämpfe im Olympiapark sowie in Greenwich, Wimbledon und Wembley statt.
No service @piccadillyline btn #Hammersmith and #KingsCross only, due to a person under a train, minor delays on the rest of the line #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
The #piccadillyline has resumed to a good service. Eastbound trains are not stopping at #GreenPark station #TfLTransport for London
Great how the tube can run so late during the Olympics – almost like it could the rest of the time. #hinthint #tflPaul Tanter
#GreenPark station on @jubileeline @victorialine @piccadillyline closed due to shortage of station staff, tkts accepted on local buses #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
#GreenPark station on the @jubileeline, @victorialine and @piccadillyline is now fully open #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
You won’t be able to drive across the race route in SW London. If your journey is essential, plan an alternative route. http://ow.ly/cyJrSGetAheadoftheGames
Bus routes in Central London will be subject to delays and diversions today due to the Olympic Cycle Event. Allow extra time for journeysTfL Bus Alerts
Can’t believe #tfl lied to me! There were no delays, could have had another 45 mins in bed!Amy Rosoman
Thank God for the #Olympics, first weekend of ‚Good Service‘ on ALL underground lines #TFL. #OnmywaytoVauxhallLouise Adams
Going to watch the Cycle Road Race today? Expect large crowds near the race route.GetAheadoftheGames
To see the cycling action, but not get caught in the crowds, stay local and watch on television. Pubs, clubs and Live Sites showing.GetAheadoftheGames
Olympic transport passes opening test but stiffer challenges to comeOn a night when Britain’s industrial heritage and the NHS were feted in the opening spectacular, the transport services also had cause fo…
The @wlooandcityline is currently suspended due to a burst Thames Water pipeline #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
A good service has now resumed on the @wlooandcityline after a temporary closure due to a burst Thames Water pipeline #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
My train is SO busy and it’s not even 9 yet #Olympicsfever #tflRoberta Usai
Road closures along the race route will b in operation frm 3am, roads will reopen after race as soon as its safe. Check http://ow.ly/cyTi7GetAheadoftheGames
No delays on underground lines #tfl #impressive #wow #olympics2012 http://pic.twitter.com/dd5XbxltSal Sira
Best weekend journey I’ve had on #TFL for ages! Thank goodness for #Olympics2012Ashwini Lad
Just had a quiet drive into central London and the tubes are empty? Thought something big was happening? #tfl #olympicsT
Never seen so many busy train stations. #olympictrafficNicholas Kalwa
The 1st working day of the Games is on Monday. Avoid London Bridge in the evening, as spectators travel frm Equestrian event at Greenwich PkGetAheadoftheGames
Greenwich, Victoria and London Bridge are going to be exeptionally busy today due to events in Greenwich Park and Central London.GetAheadoftheGames
Charing Cross and Westminster will be extremely busy today due to the Cycle Road Race. Avoid these stations if possible!GetAheadoftheGames
@TfLofficial maybe the bonuses weren’t big enough hey? #TfL http://pic.twitter.com/wnzMEEKMJimmyK
Bus routes in Central London will be subject to delays and diversions today due to the Olympic Cycle Event, allow extra time for journeys.TfL Bus Alerts
Every station I’ve been told to avoid today I can’t help but pass through! Great! #tfl #Olympic2012Rosie Coulson
Routes 60, 166, 405, 455 and 466 being diverted northbound due to accident on Brighton Rd by Reedham Stn CR8. Expect some delay to servicesTfL Bus Alerts
#tfl #londonbridge rail, worst walking solution EVER, delaying every Londoner who lives in LB area, who thought of this idiotic solution?!Katarina Gellin
Routes 60, 166, 405, 455 and 466 will not be serving stops northbound btwn Reedham Stn and Purley X CR8 because of this accident on the A23TfL Bus Alerts
At #EarlsCourt and it’s busier than usual but not the chaos I expected! #TFL done alright there #EffortSimon Hetherington
#tfl #holborn station less busy than usual. Games not affecting accessLior Smith
Think I’d like the #Olympic in London every day. No traffic and its fabulous. Thanks #boris and #tfl http://pic.twitter.com/9RS46sv6Trudi Collister
The Central, Jubilee, Piccadilly, District and DLR will be busy throughout the day. If possible use a different line.GetAheadoftheGames
Half an hour to go TWO miles….. And im not sure I will do it! Lmaodjlogansama
Bus routes in Central London will be subject to delays and diversions today due to the Olympic Cycle Event. Allow extra time for journeysTfL Bus Alerts
Surprise there is no traffic in southall #wow #londontrafficA its’abdul
Montag wird ein richtig spannender Tag!
Will u use London Bridge 2 get into work on Mon? Avoid it if possible – use Cannon St, Blackfriars, Charing Cross or Victoria insteadGetAheadoftheGames
There are long queues for trains at Dorking Deepdene. Why not walk to nearby Dorking Station instead?GetAheadoftheGames
Transport so far has been a breeze! Nice work #TFLJayne Starr
Severe delays on #londondlr btn #Bank / #TowerGateway & #CanningTown while we fix a faulty train at #Poplar Good service on all other routesTransport for London
Trying the #javelin-train, # to Kings X. Expensive @£5.70 single but fast – 6 mins. #Olympics #tflSangitaMyska
Cycle Race UPDATE: There’s still some delays around Barnes, Mortlake, Kensington and Marble Arch.GetAheadoftheGames
I usually relish an opportunity to beef about #Tfl, but credit where credit’s due, 1st day of Olympics and my journey’s never been slicker!Kayleigh Llewellyn
London bridge station – you’re making this a lot more complicated than it needs to be with your new Olympic route! @GAOTG #London2012 #TfLWill
Cycle Race UPDATE: All road closures have now been removed following the cycle race and traffic is returning to normal.GetAheadoftheGames
UPDATE: Queues have now dispersed at Dorking Deepene.GetAheadoftheGames
Minor delays on @jubileeline southbound only, while we fix a faulty train at #BakerStreet Good service on the rest of the line #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
A good service has resumed on the @jubileeline Platforms and trains may still be busy #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
Sailing starts tmw in Weymouth & Portland. Remember to book Park and Ride if you are heading down for the day. http://ow.ly/czkg5GetAheadoftheGames
Empty gondola – empty DLR – empty bus home. #suckitjubileeline #olympics2012 #london #tflArianna Halshaw
Olympic Transport Passes Opening Test But Stiffer Challenges To Come #Transport #UKnews #TFL #London #LondonUnderground http://hitc.co/30982HITC Business
First #gamesmaker shift done! All good fun and the only travel disaster was me getting on tube in the wrong direction! Super organised #tfl!Catherine Raynor

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