[London 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 6, alles im grünen Bereich~7 Minuten Lesezeit

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Der erste August war der erste Tag nachdem erstmals größere Probleme mit dem Londoner während der Olympischen Spiele aufgetreten waren. Es wurde von vielen Berufstätigen vermutet, dass sich die Probleme häufen und weiter fortsetzen werden. Dem war aber glücklicherweise nicht so. Stattdessen floss der ohne größere Probleme, es kam nur zu einer relativ unspektakulären Unterbrechung der District line nach einer Signalstörung in der Station Turnham Green. Größere Probleme entstanden jedoch nicht.

[ 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 6, alles im grünen Bereich

Verkehrsereignisse und Erfahrungen vom sechsten Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London.

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Nach den größeren Problemen am 31.07.2012 scheint sich der Londoner wieder gefangen zu haben. Am 01. August gab es nur kleinere Zwischenfälle, die zu keinen größeren Problemen geführt haben. Einer der größten Aufreger war ein Schild, dessen Aufhängung sich gelöst hat. Sagt schon einiges aus… ;-)
I’m the first to complain about #Tfl but have to say not had one problem during #Olympics so far. Credit where credit’s dueAdam Mendlesohn
Wow thanks #tfl #dlr for actually REDUCING THE AMOUNT OF TRAINS at ?! Well done. (Would slow hand clap but the platform too full)Julie Featherstone
(1 of 2) The #districtline has no service #EarlsCourt – #Richmond and #EalingBroadway while we fix a signal failure at #TurnhamGreen #TfLTransport for London
(2 of 2) London Underground tickets will be accepted on South West Trains and local services. Good service on the rest of the line #TfLTransport for London
Everyone is going on about how awesome the transport has been and the one day I come into the office and my train breaks? Gah! #tflLouise McCudden
Normally would be at work in 15 mins…haven’t made it one stop. #tflalyciamaree
Victoria line quietest I’ve ever seen it! #lovingtheolympics #tflJosie Stoker
Who has stolen all the Londoners? TFL strategy worked a treat! Swiss Cottage tube at 7:30 #tfl #olympics #teamgb http://pic.twitter.com/xUMmvYXdMark Unwin
Getting to work has been a breeze. It’s too quiet in the West End for my liking. #TFL job done but a bit too effective..Noel Chow
Empty trains on Northern Line…. #Olympics #tfl http://pic.twitter.com/YI1t8B2zPritam
Oh and apparently the apocalypse is happening at London bridge. I’m amazed it kept going this long tbh. #tflSophia
An hour and a half and still not moved!!! #tflalyciamaree
Central line is quiet again #TFLNigel
Oh district line, how I detest thee #tflPeter rose
First taste of Olympic travel chaos – District line suspended. Not too upset, expectations have been managed & consider this overdue! #TFLAndrew Lewin
Confusion on #jubilee line this morning. Which train?! Not good start to first day back #TflVicky Renton
District line is down today! Tubes are packed! Well done #tfl! Its not as if the #olympics2012 are happening!!Jodana Weekley
Seriously – where is everyone?!? #London2012 #TfL http://pic.twitter.com/DSuL693WSianella
Want to improve public transport in London? Host the Olympics and provide a scare campaign to ‚get ahead‘. #London2012 #TfLKristiane Clear
Major disruption getting the train into London Bridge from the south east this morning. #tfl #commutingbluesNunheadNeil
Ok so its started. Jubilee line at stratford, 3 times the wrong platform was called to leave next. Its not hard is it really. #useless #tflMartyn Papprill
I will probably only say this once in my life, but the central london tube network is a dream! Where is everyone!? Gd work #tflJessica Poppy Harris
Well this is turning out to be a sh*t of a journey today! Sort it #tflMatt Ford
I don’t know what’s worse: packed buses full of kids in traffic, or empty buses on empty streets stopping to regulate their service #tflMichael Chan
I feel like #tfl are using the Olympics to show how shit they can be.. I don’t mind packed trains but no trains on the tube for 15mins Krystal
Anyone wanting to go to London Bridge station? Don’t!… Seriously, just don’t! #tfl #OlympicsMarianne Prinelle
Still yet to experience the congestion on public transport that I was warned would occur during the games #London2012 #TfLZeez
Dear #TfL, I hate you. That is all.Pear Pearman
Want to give some credit to volunteers working at keeping London moving during the games…smiling and helpful…well done #olympics #tflNorma
#tfl major fail going to be so late nowAlexandra Potter
#TFL take the absolute piss. 30mins waiting for a train that wasn’t even delayed ffs!Samira Rachelle
London Bridge station will be fully opening this evening, incl. plats 1-6. Station likely to be busy so consider alternatives if you canNational Rail
If getting across London was always this easy then the Olympics should be an all year round event! #TfL #whatcongestion?Alex Forrester
Can’t believe how quiet Westminster is, #TFL did too good a job warning everyone off #Olympicsmarc bates
Move along please, nothing to be seen here #oops #londonunderground #tfl http://pic.twitter.com/uOFCSblYLDA_6502
CATASTROPHE. #tfl http://pic.twitter.com/QT9DEaJHThomas Shirley
Passengers travelling to / from the Olympic Cycling event should consider using Esher station rather than Hampton Court or Hampton Wick #fbNational Rail
Wow #tfl no problems with transport to Olympics today. #welldoneDan Bowen
#MarbleArch station is closed while we fix a power failure. All trains are not stopping at station #centralline #TfLTransport for London
FUCK NO! "@christianwolmar: ..but sadly, I’m told, Boris is recording a new set of messages to get people to go to cultural events etc" #tflSid J
Minor delays on #londondlr btn #Bank & #Lewisham & btn #Stratford & #Greenwich Good service on all other routes #TfLTransport for London
I was really dreading travelling on the tube during the Olympics but its turned out to be more or less the usual business! #Olympics #tflStephanie Reed
Very busy on route home. All okay but not very comfortable! #jubileeline #Tfl #StratfordVicky Renton
Delays of up to 15 minutes between London Liverpool Street and Tottenham Hale / Chingford because of a signalling problem (1/2) #fbNational Rail
(2/2) Passengers can use London Underground Victoria Line #fbNational Rail
Delays, Delays, Delays #TFL sort it out :|Sanna A
thought using public transport during the #Olympics would be shit, but it’s actually been better than usual. Very smooth. Well done #tfl…Tamer
CLEARED: Delays between London Liverpool Street and Chingford. Trains are now running normally between London Liverpool Street … #fbNational Rail
#TFL your crowd control bullshit at London bridge must have been dreamed up by fishStuart Hopkins
Olympic travel chaos continues #london2012 #tfl #wherethehelliseveryone http://pic.twitter.com/2U4j7G3ZAndy Gaya
#tfl and #Boris I would like to tell you how impressed I am with the London underground service as I travel to work this week! Keep it up!Gideon Forbes
CLEARED: Changes to services at London Cannon Street. Trains are now running normally following a signalling … #fbNational Rail
The more this day goes on the more I feel #tfl is fucking with me. #london2012Cat Gregory
#TFL send a mail saying ’so far London is moving well‘ – so London Bridge & Greenwich 1.5/1.25 hrs queuing yesterday is ‚moving well‘. ????Simon Dunn
Queues have reduced at Hampton Wick/Court passengers can now use these stations freely #fbNational Rail
Cardiff Central is expected to be very busy tonight after the football at Millennium Stadium. Travel earlier if possible #fbNational Rail
UPDATE CARDIFF football: Rail services will be extremely busy. Be prepared to wait. Follow station staff instructions.GetAheadoftheGames
Passengers from Cardiff Central should be aware of large queues at the station. We’re currently awaiting more info about buses/extra trainsNational Rail
Delays to trains travelling to and from #Cardiff Central is now 45 mins.National Rail
Two extra trains will run from #Cardiff to help with the crowds, they are on their way now – awaiting ETA #fbNational Rail
On train back from Cardiff? Shuttle buses will run from Paddington to major London hubs from the station.GetAheadoftheGames

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