[London 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 8: Hohes Verkehrsaufkommen als Leichtathletikwettbewerbe im Olympiastadion beginnen~8 Minuten Lesezeit

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Der erste Tag der olympischen Leichtathletikwettbewerbe bedeutete für den Londoner eine neue große Herausforderung. Mehr als 200.000 Menschen haben gestern den Olympiapark besucht. Insbesondere zu Beginn und Ende der Wettkämpfe kam es somit zu einem erhöhten .

[] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 8: Hohes Verkehrsaufkommen als…

Verkehrsereignisse und Erfahrungen vom achten Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in .

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Großartiges Bild, das die Geschehnisse der letzten Tage sehr gut beschreibt. Auch wenn es auch am 03.08.2012 morgens zu einem Signalfehler und Verspätungen auf der Central line kam, gab es in den letzten Tagen keine größeren Probleme.
London Olympic transport: Expectations Vs Reality#London2012 #london2012olympics #Olympics #beatbox2012 #tfl http://pic.twitter.com/WzWVEL89Lydia Kay
Olympic lanes opened up to ordinary motorists as officials use public transport – TelegraphThis group is understood to include members of international sporting federations, anti-doping officals and the media. They were joined b…
It’s okay when the central line is fucked you can just get the bus. #centralline #shit http://pic.twitter.com/jngBRnkUOliver Donovan
Wait Of The WorldWith one of the world’s largest and oldest public transit systems, London knew transportation would be the greatest logistical challenge …
Well done London Transport… #centralline #London2012 http://pic.twitter.com/Q43ttQYULucy Jessica
London 2012 Olympics: transport advice was ‚too cautious‘ says tourism chief – TelegraphFrom ’s dire warnings being broadcast over tannoys to repeated instructions to ‚Get ahead of the Games‘ Londoners have been …
London 2012: More spectators on public transport as Velodrome opens for competition – Travel – East London AdvertiserEvents start in the Velodrome tomorrow. File picture: David Poultney/ODA Sarah Shaffi, Olympics editor (news) Wednesday, August 1, 2012 3…
Central line suspended today. Genius planning Boris! #bojo #tfl #olympicsAndy’s Teddies
This is the worst day of my life #TfL #theyshouldrenameitFMLBen Plummer
Staff for the #centralline I have one word for you…incompetent!! #tfl #London2012Shaun Burke
Public Transport Games?The doom-mongers gleefully predicted "gridlock", "transport meltdown" and "commuter hell". Monday 30 July was the day it was all supposed…
Delays hit Olympic Park passengersDelays hit Olympic Park passengers One of the main Tube lines serving the Olympic Park was suspended in east London on Friday morning as …
Busiest day @ #London2012 and the central line is down #fail Met v helpful #TFL HR manager doing platform control @ N Greenwich #gratefulIan Matheson
Central line down. Big Javelin queues at Kings X Ooops! #tfl #london2012 Don’t moan though, some of us are working. Enjoy the Games!Christian Logue
You only had to run the central line smoothly for 2 weeks #tfl. Tut tut.Scott Macrae
False Alarm Emergency at St Johns Wood St #tflAndrew Malek
Transport authorities insist London faces travel pressure as athletics beginsLondon’s transport bosses dismiss claims of a deserted capital as they prepare for the biggest Olympics challenge to date Despite the new…
“@Jarasguitar: #TfL utter shambles, 1000s stranded at Leytonstone no buses, no idea what to do next” Plenty to do in Leytonstone surely?Stephen Connelly
Train driver announced return journey will be very busy. Please avoid…..What kind of announcement is that I need to get home later #tflMarvin
Olympics travel: Central Line fails for second time in a week – TelegraphIn addition London Underground tickets are being accepted on buses as well as mainline services provided by Greater Anglia and First Grea…
#tfl #centalline #tfl #Olympic2012 Tfl this is beyond a joke 3 time this week you have severe delays fixupmillie fog
First Tube delay due to the Olympics – Central Line severe delays and had to walk from Oxford Street to Holborn. #london2012 #TFLRyan Y
Buses from Aldgate empty; #MetLine from rickmansworth empty; roads clear#Olympics #London2012 #TfLSoarpoints
3 hour post-wrap party journey to work. Thanks #TFL. #hungoverandverylatebutitsnotmyfaultJoe Grace
London transport faces big test as athletics startsLONDON (Reuters) – Olympic spectators crammed into trains and formed long queues at London train stations on Friday on what is expected t…
Seen busier on Sundays than the day when Athletics start! Where is everyone? #tfl #London2012. The term is "exceptionally quiet"Hassan Raja
Just when I thought #TFL was coping amazingly with #London2012, I endured huge delays this morning. It was nice while it lasted.Mattie Bennett
The #centralline now operating with minor delays due to an earlier signalling systems failure in the #BethnalGreen area #TfLTfL Central line
#tfl I’m still waiting for the olympic transport meltdown.Brian Brane
Spend Matters: Friday Rant: The London Olympics — In Praise of Transport & LogisticsThe London Olympics has faced a few recent issues, principally the failure of G4S to come up with as many security personnel as their con…
More central line fail #tflFelicity
Loving the #olmypicspirit so much at the mo. Medal winners on train time boards, love it #TFL well done!Alice Parr
There are minor delays on the #ldnoverground btn #Barking & #GospelOak due to a vehicle hitting a bridge at #SouthTottenham #TfLTfL Overground
A good service has resumed on the #ldnoverground to all routes. #TfLTfL Overground
wait for a bus and they ALL come, about 8! buses all in a row! LOL #TFL http://www.tout.com/m/0ahjwl?ref=twq0ff5iJoel Ryder
Instead of WiFi, #TfL should have invested in air con on the #undergroundSunnyMissDT
For all the hype, Stratford stn & Westfield are noticeably quieter today. #tfl #london2012 #olympicsTim Behan
Oh #London buses :(#londontransport #TfLYoussef
So #centralline suspended twice in first #olympics week – nice work #tfl – could do better?Beth Parker
The #VictoriaLine was "running early" so we were held for SEVEN minuets… #TFL… you are joking?! Surely an ironic announcement?!Kate Hollowood
Westbound Picadilly Line…probably the most inconvenient line on the tube map. Way too many delays and waiting around. #tfl #sortitoutJack Swanton
For the first time ever I am VERY impressed with #TfL Lots of staff at kings cross underground all so helpful and visible! #OlympicMattie Jameson
Another painless #TfL #dlr journey from #london2012 well done allJames O’Hara
Severe delays on the #bakerlooline while we fix a signal failure at #Waterloo #TfLTfL Bakerloo line
Rubbish organisation by #tfl of river boat services at North Greenwich. You can’t get on unless pre-booked. Website says no need to pre bookKatie Kernan
Pigeon got on at edge ware road and left at paddington #tfl #tube http://instagr.am/p/N3zS8pzTd6/Alexandra Evans
Still waiting for a bus taking over 30 mins #TfL this is disgustingJahan Kartel
Typical central line decides to screw me over as I’m on my way to Olympic Park – thank you #TFLKalpesh Bharadwa
Problems again on the #centralline at White City. It’s not like it’s an important line for the #olympics or anything. http://pic.twitter.com/Rh9mfKRBmarc blank-settle
Olympic Games break London transport recordsLONDON – It isn’t just the Olympic swimming pool that’s seeing records fall. British transport officials said Saturday that the games hav…
Transport coping despite delaysThere are currently three rush hours in London: the usual two and then an extra one at 23:00 BST when the athletics kicks out. Friday was…
I’m already running 10mins behind schedule, the last thing I need is a delayed tube….thanks #tflSam Glenister-Batey
Olympic transport survives stressLondon’s transport system has survived its toughest Games test yet as 200,000 people travelled to the Olympic Park for the first day of a…
#TFL have you never heard of air conditioning on your trains #kmt, people are sweating n stinking out this train and it’s making me nauseousLola Ukandu
Travelled briefly on tube this pm. SO busy. But tube staff so friendly, patient and helpful – well impressed #tflDavid Pearson
Official figures just released by #tfl state that the Tube is hotter than a pre-heated oven that is ready to roast a chicken. @TfFailTom Waller
credit where it is due..well done #TFL for informative daily updates. Now all you need to do is keep #centralline running @TfLofficialNubian Princess
Minor delays on the #bakerlooline btn #QueensPark & #HarrowAndWealdstone due to an earlier signal failure. Good service on rest of line #TfLTfL Bakerloo line
LOVE THIS! #TFL are doing great for #london2012! Flashing medal tube signs! http://yfrog.com/j2jsffpjEmma Wilkinson
I don’t understand all the people saying London is quiet. The district line has been packed the last two days #Olympics #tfl #LondontravelEmma
#tfl doing a great job. On jubilee line now out of Olympic park & carriage has loads of spaceLordlucan
Another easy journey to/from #London2012 today. 25 bus from City Thameslink; 26 back to Waterloo. Don’t be a lemming & take the tube! #TfLSkidRowOnSea
Piccadilly to Stratford in 30mins!?! Here we go come on #tfl don’t let me down @piccadilly_line @central_line go go goMatt Crow
God, LOCOG & TfL! This post-event Olympic travel is a NIGHTMARE! http://pic.twitter.com/BQbLkKl3Chris Addison

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