[London 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 9: Lange Warteschlangen in Wembley~5 Minuten Lesezeit

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Es ist recht unglücklich, wenn nach dem Fußballspiel Mexiko – Senegal die U-Bahnstation in Nähe des Stadions geschlossen ist und alle Zuschauer nach Hause fahren wollen. Man kann dann durchaus 50 Minuten in der Schlange warten müssen, bis man den Eingang zur U-Bahnstation nur erahnen kann.

Andererseits entstehen so beeindruckende Bilder wie diese:

Bild: John Irvine

[ 2012] während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 9: Lange Warteschlangen in Wembley

Verkehrsereignisse und Erfahrungen vom neunten Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London.

Storified by Zukunft Mobilität · Sun, Aug 05 2012 11:46:16

Well done #Locog and #tfl Travel to and from Olympic park absolutely great. A wonderful night of athletics #TeamGB Brilliant!Steve Glass
Trains at night are twice as nice #DLR #TFLEnter your real name
Think @tfl need to re-train there drivers driving too fast and letting little old women fall down. #toofast #tfl #upsetpassengerkayleigh baldwin
Embankment & Westminster stations are expected to be busy throughout the day with spectators going to Beach Volleyball @ Horse Guards ParadeGetAheadoftheGames
It’s a terrible shame about the cyclist who was killed by a bus in London. With more people cycling each year the stats will only rise #TFLJon Benson
Due to road closures for the Triathlon, London Underground report they are accepting London Bus tickets within Zone 1 from 8amGetAheadoftheGames
This is the emptiest, cleanest, shiniest tube I’ve ever been on, Olympics or not. Nearly at Wembley and the sun is out! #London2012Jess
Between 10:30am – 5pm today, Westfield City will only be accessible to those with or collecting Games ticketsGetAheadoftheGames
Oh yeah today is going to be SOOO packed on the Tube. #ha #lol #tfl #orly #igottwentyseatstomyself #worldgothday http://pic.twitter.com/x4Js0UpXcharmaine ager
Today is expected to be one of the busiest days for the Olympic Park. Over 200,000 spectators & staff expected. Re-time & plan aheadGetAheadoftheGames
RT @bbctomedwards:Passenger watchdg @LonTravelWatch says transport operators have "excelled themselves."First time I’ve heard them say that!National Rail
Extra trains are running from Cardiff to London this evening to get passengers home from the events at the Millennium Stadium #fbNational Rail
I got to Excel in 30 mins, trouble free by ignoring #TFL website info from London Bridge via jubilee line then DLR #boxing #London2012Tolu Siwoku
Stunning good effort from #TfL for #London2012. From Hillingdon outskirts to Excel in 70 minutes. £pound to park&ride. Inclusive TravelCard.Peter A Hayes (pah)
On the Tube again, really impressed by the amount of merchandise, the enthusiasm of dozens of volunteers & TfL staff. Go London!Greg Hands
Why have they closed every entrance to the #VictoriaLine at #Victoria #TFLTimothy Charlton
Victoria station underground… Nightmare. Avoid at all costs! #TFLSophia
The train is buzzing :) #olympics #tflJames Sykes
The @ldnoverground has no service btn #NewCrossGate – #CrystalPalace & #WestCroydon due to a person under a train. Good service rest of lineTfL Travel Alerts
Stuck on train in south london with a whole load of ppl Trying to get to the olympics!! Great!!! #TfLNadia
Wow didn’t realise the London Underground doesn’t run 24 hours. This country really is still in the dark ages. #TfLWelly’s Web Wellies
Hurrah for the #Olympics in #London2012! Lots of very very good looking servicemen in uniform on the tube #TfLALHB
The #wlooandcityline is suspended due to a signal failure at #Bank station #TfLTfL W&C line
Crowd control leaving Wembley. It’s rammed and the tube appears to be closed. http://lockerz.com/s/231185096Lisa Gifford
A bit of a queue for the Tube after Mexico v Senegal at Wembley. #TheIrvines http://yfrog.com/ntz1gjsjJohn Irvine
Service suspended on the #EmiratesAirLDN due to a technical fault #TfLEmirates Air Line
Very impressed with the new larger, walkthrough, airconditioned metropolitan line trains – thank you #TfLDavid Michael
I am pleased to say service has resumed on #EmiratesAirLDN #TfLEmirates Air Line
Left Wembley an hour ago, but crappy #PublicTransport mean I am still in Baker Street! How #TFL think this is acceptable, I don’t know!Nargis Persaud
Queue outside Wembley trying to get on tube #olympics #football #tfl http://pic.twitter.com/xA2IRsrfCornish Viewpoint
Why spend hundreds of millions on #Wembley then leave unsuitable entrance to tube? #FA #TfL #amateursPhilip Cullum
Massive queue for tube at #Wembley Park ater Mexico Senegal – but tube train half emptyPhilip Cullum
Just a casual 50 minute wait to get into the tube station. #igerslondon #london2012 @ Wembley Stadium http://instagr.am/p/N6gdj3PPF4/Sheema
Have escaped the Wembley Tube Queue and am in a place with free beer and wine, but no food. #recipefordisasterKyle
I do really want to go the NFL game at Wembley in October, but I really don’t wanna go to Wembley Park tube station more than once this yearrhys knott
So when the board says the bus comes every 7-8 mins it actually means every 20-30 mins? Right. #106 #TFL #TransportForLauraLaura H
On my way to central #London. #TFL is working for once. What a #surpriseSven Schulze
3 trains in 3 minutes, @centralline ferrying people around #likeaboss #tfl #sol #alexc #sqAlex Corck-Adelman
Waterloo & City line is suspended due to a signal failure at Bank. All other lines are running normally.GetAheadoftheGames
A good service has resumed on the waterloo and City lineGetAheadoftheGames
Dear #tfl your "one way" systems are a bloody farce. Sort it out. A different joke everyday. #Stratford #London2012 #olympicsGiles Palmer
Fantastic day at Wembley stadium for olympics, quality match, jam-packed tube thoughToby Ghebru
What was #tfl on about……busy #tubes ….. Erm don’t think so! SO BUSY! http://pic.twitter.com/fKdM1MLuGurj Sangha
Gold medal for transport goes to #tfl Very good services getting us all from Stratford this eveningDavid J

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