[London 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 11: Kleine Wehwechen~6 Minuten Lesezeit

Dieser Artikel ist Teil der Serie Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London. Eine Übersicht über alle Artikel finden Sie hier.

Je komplexer ein Verkehrsnetz ist, desto anfälliger ist es auch bei Störungen. Die Londoner überirdischen und unterirdischen Strecken befinden sich oft am Rande ihrer Belastbarkeit. Zudem fehlen bei geschlossenen Systemen wie -Netzes Ausweichrouten und Alternativstrecken. Daher führen bereits eigentlich kleine technische Probleme wie Signalstörungen zu großen Störungen und stundenlang anhaltende Verspätungen.

In den letzten Tagen kam es immer wieder zu Signalstörungen auf Londoner Underground- und Overground-Strecken. Dies führte zu einigen Unannehmlichkeiten, größere Störungen oder gar der gefürchtete und oft von den Medien herbeigeschriebene Zusammenbruch des gesamten Systems bleiben bislang aus.

[] während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 11: Kleine Wehwechen

Verkehrsereignisse und Erfahrungen vom elften Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in .

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Aargh display board said dont board train, so didn’t. others boarded (full train) wen we asked told ‚oh, ignore the signs‘ #fail #tflAndrew Mackley
DLR, Central & Jubilee lines expecting large numbers of spectators 0730-0930 & 1630-1900. 2100 to close also expected 2 b busier than usualGetAheadoftheGames
Very large number of spectators expected on the network this morning 0730-0930. Plan ur journey & leave plenty of time http://ow.ly/cKFBeGetAheadoftheGames
Westminster station expected to be busy from 1630 until midnight with spectators going to Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards ParadeGetAheadoftheGames
Dear #TFL, waiting over 5 minutes on a Monday morning for a train on hainault branch of #centralline is NOT a good service #behonestNubian Princess
#olympics definitely the solution to london’s transport problems. My commute to work has never been so peaceful and hassle-free! #tflNote Taker
Back to the commute. Empty train, empty Cannon Street. They’ve even given up on the crazy re-routing crowd control there. #tfl #london2012Lu
I thought that during the games the trains to were meant to be more frequent!? #tfl #dlr #london2012 #getaheadofthegamesAmy Louise Bowers
Morning ‚‘ on #TfL #Centralline ….what exactly was the train drivers bonus for? @TfLofficial http://pic.twitter.com/qRA9ulXEReena Mann
A record 4.40m passengers successfully travelled by London Underground on Friday. Long may it continue #TfLSteelhenge
Since the #olympics started I have never enjoyed such easy & pleasant journeys to and from work. Even weekends are fine! Thank you #tflAlan Roberts
From 1430-1900 Baker Street, Kings Cross & Green Park stations expected to be busy with spectators going to WembleyGetAheadoftheGames
I’ve decided, the overground is the slowest and most annoying form of transport #TfL #lifeofaninternNatisha Greenaway
Stuck on a Victoria Line tube at Euston as some idiot has decided to walk down one of the tunnels. I despair at people. #tflBen Grubb
You can’t claim a good service on all lines when the board has said the next train will be here in ‚1 minute‘ for the last 8 minutes? #TfLCarl Palmer
No service on @victorialine btn #WalthamstowCentral – #KingsCross while we deal with a trespasser on the track. Minor delays otherwise #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
#FinsburyPark station is closed while we deal with a customer incident #TfLTfL Victoria line
There are minor delays between #ArnosGrove and #Hammersmith while we deal with a trespasser on the track at #FinsburyPark #TfLTfL Piccadilly line
Finsbury park station is closed, avoid Victoria line #tflElle Andreou
No #victorialine due to trespasser at finsbury park. #annoying #tfl #whyJeremy Lilley
#victorialine update: No service between #WalthamstowCentral and #KingsCross Severe delays on the rest of the line #TfLTfL Victoria line
Some idiot was in the just before finsbury park n ive been stuck underground for like 40 mins, finsbury pk station closed now #tflMUSICΛL D
A good service has now resumed on the @piccadillyline to all destinations #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
#FinsburyPark station on the @victorialine and @piccadillyline has re-opened #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
Good service has now resumed on the #victorialine #TfLTfL Victoria line
Quite excited about getting the Javelin! Yet very unsettled by the prospect of queues and waiting. #olymics2012 #TfLJesse K Adler
Just received a warning from #TfL about driving in an Olympic lane , Even though the signs clearly stated ALL TRAFFIC !#Raging !Austin Murphy
Routes 47, 53, 177, 225, 386 and 453 in the Blackheath Hill, Greenwich area are still subject to delays due to heavy traffic congestion.TfL Bus Alerts
The tube has done so well and been so much better since the start of #London2012 ! #TFL #tubesJoe McGrath
Underground at Marble Arch tube station in #london. Thank you @virginmedia, this should be a permanent #TFL service. http://pic.twitter.com/GmAACKu3Alex Conkleton
Really? You have good service on all lines? Then why have I been waiting for 20 fucking minutes. #tfl #bastards #traincrimesmartin king
The Metropolitan line is screwed! Two trains side by side before Harrow on the Hill station! This is a mess! Been waiting 30mins now#TFLÄrian
Great to see the #TFL ladies and gents in pink at #london bridge today it’s a shame we don’t this level of service all year round!Paul Pirie
The incompetence of the met line never fails to amaze me! #tflSaajan Shah
Told you #tfl can’t handle the #olympics crowd. Canary wharf station shut. http://pic.twitter.com/McJJkHckAdam Fung
No service on th #metline #WembleyPark to #RaynersLane & #Northwood northbound only while we fix a signal failure #TfLTfL Met line
#TfL has done it again!! Grrrrr!!! #metSam @ Elysium
No service on #metline from #BakerStreet to #RaynersLane & #Northwood while we fix a signal failure. Minor delays on rest of line #TfLTfL Met line
#tfl No Met Line home stranded at Wembley Park. Pants on a stick!Sid J
61k people leaving wembley stadium and the Met line is not running? Wtf!? #Olympic2012 #tflSue Black
On a train at baker street for over half an hour. Nice one #tfl was nice while it lasted. #normalserviceresumedRishi Hindocha
Leaving Wembley Stadium? Severe delays on Met Line. Consider the Bakerloo line or LDN Overground from Wembley Cntrl.GetAheadoftheGames
Severe delays on the #metline while we fix a signal failure in the #HarrowOnTheHill area. #TfLTfL Met line
‚Ongoing signal problems‘. Isn’t it basically a remote control lightbulb? Sort it out, you incompetents #tflRich Harris
If I have to make one more change because of signal failures, I’ll cry #TFLBethany Carter
#TFL ‚routine procedure‘ -packed train coming to an abrupt halt?! SAFE! 1.45hrs later & still not home.Alison O’Donoghue
I hate #TfL go down there and signal the fucking trains by fucking hand if you have to!!Vicky Stevens
‚There is currently a good service on all London Underground lines‘. Please consult the dictionary definitions of ‚good‘ and ’service‘ #tflRich Harris
http://yfrog.com/odkf2sgp A long awaited monumental frack up on #tflfail #tfl @metline. I knew a week of good service was too good to be trNilantha Ariyasena
Minor delays on the #metline due to an earlier signal failure in the #HarrowOnTheHill area. #TfLTfL Met line
To be fair #TFL has been great today. Rail, tube and DLR all working fine… So far!chewy
Northern line from London bridge to euston so quiet Loving it #TfL #olympics2012 #northernlineCommuter_Rants
A good service has resumed on the @metline Platforms and trains may still be busy #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
#ChalfontAndLatimer station closed due to a local power failure @metline #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
#ChalfontAndLatimer station has now reopened #metline #TfLTfL Met line
Minor delays on #londondlr btn #CannningTown & #Beckton while we fix a signal failure at #PrinceRegent Good service on other DLR routes #TfLTfL DLR

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