[London 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 15: Noch zwei Tage London 2012~5 Minuten Lesezeit

Dieser Artikel ist Teil der Serie Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London. Eine Übersicht über alle Artikel finden Sie hier.

[ 2012] während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 15: Noch zwei Tage 2012

Verkehrsereignisse und Erfahrungen vom fünfzehnten Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London.

Storified by Zukunft · Sun, Aug 12 2012 06:02:29

MT @tfltravelalerts:Severe delays@londondlr btn #Beckton and #PrinceRegent due to trespasser on track, good service on other DLR routes #TfLGetAheadoftheGames
#TfL #Bakerloo Minor delays. Minor Delays – Between Stonebridge Park and Harrow & Wealdstone only, while we … http://tinyurl.com/bakerlooTweet for London
#TFL sort the Piccadilly line out. Its so unreliable, slow and never has enough seats.Vikas Verma
#TfL #District Minor delays. Minor Delays – Between Earls Court and Wimbledon only, due to an earlier faulty … http://tinyurl.com/3gzjpwcTweet for London
Victoria line suspended between kings cross and Walthamstow central :( #tflAnna Fletcher Morris
WTF!! I just jinx myself. The blasted vicky line aint working. Jah kno starr #TFLTami
#FinsburyPark station is closed due to a customer incident, all trains are not stopping. Updates to follow #TfLTfL Piccadilly line
And so on the last working day of the Olympics the Victoria line decides to be suspended… #TFLBehiye Hassan
The #tramslondon service between #TherapiaLane and #ChurchStreet has resumed. #TfLTfL trams
Love the positivity of #TFL staff – ‚it’s going to be a long and torturous route up to Kings Cross’Anna Heaton
No it bloody isn’t! #tfl #KingsCross http://pic.twitter.com/rTQ6L3kEDarren
Get to Seven sisters and no Victoria line. Suspended both ways due to a person under the train. Ugh. Late for work now. #tflSpecificallyJane
#FinsburyPark station has re-opened #TfLTfL Victoria line
Apologies to #tfl for throwing up (several times) on the tube.James Wallis
#love #Olympics sardines #tfl http://pic.twitter.com/sYvxWGxmElspeth
These new tubes in London are banging! Better then the other ones. Good job #tflMartin Hussey
I hear that the #tfl cleaning staff are on strike today. I am amazed, I had no idea that the underground was ever cleaned!Peter Rich
RT @commutersunited: A traffic jam of available transit in London via @metromorning http://pic.twitter.com/zpCWB5kj – Seen only once in Toronto #ttc http://pic.twitter.com/y0aWyuUZClarissa08
LOVE central London traffic!! #sweaty http://pic.twitter.com/BXKKbkF8Dominic coyle
Traffic towards the Olympic park is solid on the A406 back to Ilford… http://twitpic.com/ahpe4mPaolo Paulie Pabs
#Tfl need to install proper air conditioners like in #c2c trains…I have just jumped from one to #Districtline n it feels like an oven..Solome
Stuck underground on #Jubilee #tube. Driver has not said anything. Lots of confused #Olympic tourists. Come on #TFLJonny Hallam
Oh my God – I may just stay on the Overground. Air-conned into Heaven. Still smells of B.O. though. #TFLMark Hatt
#TFL really pissed me off today. I check the train time and it said 15:49 so why does the time at the station say 14:10. I’m late now!!!!Mr░C░L░A░R░K░E░█™
Central line was disgusting man! #TFL two words… AIR CON!!! #Olympics2012Clippz Media
#TFL really need to fix up the air conditioning on 80-90% of their trains, deadly heat. #LondonUnderground #TfLofficalKyranReissHutchinson
Well done #OlympicCommittee Well done #TfL Well done #TeamGBMrs Thompson
Having travelled on the central line, through twice a day since the Olympics has been on, I will say its been bloody great. #tflAnthony Hodgson
#Stratford station is currently extremely busy. To avoid delays try using #WestHam via #jubileeline @districtline or @hamandcityline #TfLTfL Jubilee line
Minor delays on #northernline btn #Kennington & #Morden southbound only. Earlier faulty train at #ClaphamSouth Good service otherwise #TfLTfL Northern Line
Fucking jubilee line absolute bollox sweating like a beast so slow shitty #tflKateShergss!
Hope it doesn’t stop in mid air this time! #airline #TfLChristopher Woods
Loving the #tfl #olympics updates on all services. Very cool indeed #London2012Chris Adams
A good service has now resumed on the #northernline Trains and platforms may still be busy #TfLTfL Northern Line
Lol the way people desperately pack themselves on trains #TFLMaττhƹω™
Respect to the staff at earl’s court who are clearing up the sick in our carriage #gross #TFLOlivia Evans
Held up on da train due 2 a "Customer Incident" wot does that mean? All I wonna do is get 2 Seven Sisters station. #TFLMista Summers
This stinks!!! #TFL need more frequent cleaning #London #BorrisJohnsonVince
I love that my Transport for London emails are essentially reminders of what Olympic events are worth watching tomorrow #tfl #london2012Nora Rossini
#TFL needs to upgrade their trains with air con!!!Geoffrey Fernandez
A good service has resumed on the #centralline Trains and platforms may still be busy on the #Epping branch #TfLTfL Central line
@tfl why do you frequently change the destination of buses? this results in inconvenience and annoyance. stop treating us like shit. #tflabdelxyz
Whoever convinced me East London would be a nightmare during the olympics was wrong. #London2012 #TFL have been great!Joziere Lindsey
#metline #tfl less than one minute in the train and the aircon is making me sneeze and it’s bloody freezing. Hate the new Met line trains.Sid J
Nice one #tfl, thrown off an empty overground train at 11pm because bikes cause "overcrowding during the Olympics" May common sense prevail.Andrew Sprinz

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Martin Randelhoff

Herausgeber Zukunft Mobilität. Studium der Raumplanung an der TU Dortmund, Studium der Verkehrswirtschaft an der TU Dresden. Ist interessiert an innovativen Konzepten zum Lösen der Herausforderungen von morgen insbesondere in den Bereichen urbane Mobilität, Verkehr im ländlichen Raum, Wirkung autonomer Fahrzeugsysteme und nachhaltige Verkehrskonzepte.

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