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[London 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 17: London feiert seinen Verkehr in der Schlußzeremonie~14 Minuten Lesezeit

Dieser Artikel ist Teil der Serie Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London. Eine Übersicht über alle Artikel finden Sie hier.

TfL London 2012 Rio de Janeiro 2016 Schild

TfL-Beschilderung in Station, das auf die Olympischen Spiele 2016 in hinweist – Foto: @LandmarkNick

Ich habe mich in den vergangenen Tagen ja sehr intensiv mit dem Londoner während der Olympischen Spiele auseinander gesetzt. Ich bin aber nun auch froh, dass diese spannende Zeit nun endlich vorüber ist. Ich hatte nicht gedacht, dass eine Twitter- so anstrengend sein kann, aber ich habe dabei auch sehr viel über ÖPNV und Kundenbeziehungen gelernt.

Ich habe jeden einzelnen Twitternutzer, dessen Tweets ich genutzt habe, informiert. Daraus haben sich sehr viele interessante „Tweetwechsel“ ergeben. Die Londonerinnen und Londoner sind auf der einen Seite sehr freundlich und offen, auf der anderen Seite aber äußerst aggressiv und negativ gegenüber dem öffentlichen Verkehr bzw. Transport for eingestellt.

Ich glaube dies hängt eng mit einer speziellen Erwartungshaltung gegenüber TfL zusammen, die leider oftmals enttäuscht wird. Diese große Erwartung ergibt sich sicherlich aus dem Stolz, den jeder Londoner für seine Stadt und sein Land verspürt.

In den letzten Wochen waren die häufigsten Gründe für Störungen im Londoner ÖPNV Signalstörungen, Feueralarme (alles Fehlalarme) und so traurig es ist, Selbstmorde bzw. („person under a train“). Ich weiß leider nicht, wieso es bei London Underground / Overground so viele Signalstörungen gibt (falls mir hier jemand weiterhelfen könnte, wäre dies sehr nett), aber auf die meisten Verspätungen oder Ausfällen scheint TfL keinen Einfluss gehabt zu haben. Bei Störungen ist die Kommunikation via Twitter und diverse Apps allerdings großartig, vielleicht könnte Transport for London hier noch ein wenig mehr ins Detail gehen und mehr erklären. Dies würde sicherlich das Verständnis für das derzeitigre Problem erhöhen. Ich fand es auch sehr interessant, dass soweit ich das einschätzen kann, kein einziges deutsches Verkehrsunternehmen an die Kommunikationsleistung auch nur annähernd anknüpfen kann, die TfL vollbringt. Wirklich großartig!

Und hier nun die Geschehnisse vom 12.08.2012 und somit dem letzten Tag der Olympischen Spiele. Ich werde noch den Abreisetag und die Abläufe am Flughafen genauer beleuchten und dann abwarten, welche Analyseleistung mir noch möglich sein wird.

[] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 17: London feiert seinen Verkehr in der Schlußzeremonie

Verkehrsereignisse und Erfahrungen vom siebtzehnten und letzten Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London.

Storified by Zukunft · Mon, Aug 13 2012 09:19:48

I have also loved how I didn’t struggle to get to work once and I go through Stratford. Well done tfl :)Lisa-Marie
LOVE the late night running tubes during #Olympic2012 #London2012 – please can they continue always?? #tflEleanor Banks
Why is it #TFL buses like to do their own thing for example the busea never show up on time or how about NEVER SHOW UP AT ALL!Lilly Roberts
Ich frag mich immer noch, wie so etwas passieren kann… *kopfkratz*
#BondStreet station on #jubileeline is currently closed due to shortage of staff. No trains stopping. Updates when I have them #TfLTfL Jubilee line
#BondStreet, #MarbleArch and #Queensway stations on #centralline are currently closed due to shortage of staff. No trains stopping #TfLTfL Central line
#BethnalGreen on #centralline currently closed due to shortage of staff. Trains not stopping. Tickets being accepted on local buses #TfLTfL Central line
#BondStreet station on #centralline and #jubileeline has opened, trains stopping as normal #TfLTfL Jubilee line
#Queensway station on #centralline has opened, trains stopping as normal #TfLTfL Central line
#BethnalGreen and #MarbleArch stations on #centralline have now opened, trains stopping as normal #TfLTfL Central line
Human traffic road rage through stratford this morning #grrrrrrrrFaye Chisnall
It’ll be interesting to see if TFL can continue their good work after the Olympics. I can’t help thinking normal service will resume! #TFLMark Grosvenor
The #bakerlooline currently has minor delays while we fix a fault with the track at #LambethNorth. #TfLTfL Bakerloo line
Traffic around the marathon closures in Westminster/City are seems to be moving well on the whole. [ro]BBC London Travel
.@madeupstats Vehicles filming today’s marathon will mean a peak in traffic using the Olympic lanes – at four cars and nine motorcycles.Phil Bye
The #londondlr has minor delays due to a person ill on a train earlier at #Mudchute #TfLTfL DLR
WTF? “@TfLTravelAlerts: #BondStreet, #MarbleArch and #Queensway station on @centralline are currently closed due to shortage of staff. #TfL”spiaco
The #londondlr has resumed a good service to all destinations. #TfLTfL DLR
Great coverage of the Marathon Great to see the streets of London with no traffic just people – its never looked so goodDavid Street
Stupid amounts of traffic in Stratford for a Sunday! Cheers #bulldogbash!!
The marathon would be so much better if they had to stop at traffic lightsDominic Cole
@centralline remind me why are #tfl getting a load of extra money for the Olympics again!Gem
Stratford City is #busierthanthepresident ;) #olympics2012 Francis
Empty train to Stratford #2012 #olympics #millenniumbug McCabe
The #bakerlooline has resumed a good service to all destinations. #TfLTfL Bakerloo line
With traffic closures on marathon day, London is like one big lovely pedestrian mall. #fbReduced Shakespeare
Dear @MayorofLondon. Thnks v much 4 free use of #TFL 4 #London2012 . Would be lovely if it could be permanent. Much love, the @BritishArmyJim Adamson
Minor delays on the #londondlr btn #CanaryWharf & #Lewisham due to a faulty train at #Crossharbour Good service on rest of line #TfLTfL DLR
London, you were splendid. Athletes, volunteers, LOCOG, police, armed forces, TFL, BBC, politicians – thanks for the greatest show on earth.Alberto Nardelli
Stay away from the Central Line at all costs, people. It is hot, crowded and smelly! #TfL #London2012Ekua
Minor delays on the #londondlr btn #Stratford & #CanaryWharf due to a faulty train at #DevonsRoad Good service on rest of line #TfLTfL DLR
Big shout out to the people who have kept London moving #tfl #lul #dlr staff have been amazing!!! #olympics #london2012Kelly Muggs
Great transport management #London2012 #TFL #easypeasytravelSusanne Dansey
#CentralLondon All closures linked to the earlier Marathon have been removed. Traffic flows are returning to normal in Central London.TfL Traffic News
A good service has resumed on the #londondlr Platforms and trains may still be busy. #TfLTfL DLR
Going through Stratford again, this time two hours before the Closing Ceremony. I am not looking forward to this mad pedestrian traffic jam.Sammy Lau
Regsardless of whoever won medals, the biggest winner in the Olympics is TfL, who kept London moving #London2012Glenn Calderwood
well done #organisers #london police #british army #tfl #volunteers #ambassadors fr delivering a superb #london2012 #homeadvantageGirish Menon
Kudos #TEAMGB for doing us proud and #TFL for not melting down. London buzzing & Paras to come but time to focus on the main event #18thAugKiran Tamang
I have also loved how I didn’t struggle to get to work once and I go through Stratford. Well done tfl :)Lisa-Marie
Traffic is madness going into London !patch
East London’s airspace swarming with helicopters. Air Traffic Control at London City must be on the edge of their seatsChris Applegate
Tomorrow will see large volumes of traffic as athletes & officials leave London. Please avoid driving in central London, on or near the ORNTfL Official
London traffic no where near as bad as I was expecting. Got here nice and easy, one or two slow spots but that’s allRobin Masters
Imagine getting through this… Madness…!!! #Stratford Artist
I. HAVE. LOVED. THE. OLYMPICS. well done #teamgb #volunteers #athletes and all those behind the scenes. Even #TFL !That Clarke Woman
London 2012 has been exceptional – the organisation, the volunteers, TFL … #TeamGB have not disappointed!Laura Puddy
Stratford, East London, was very busy a few days ago. Apparently there was some event on. Jones
Just got through Stratford station 30 mins before the closing ceremony with no problems! Go on #TFLFrancesca Dowding
Praise where praise is due I’m TFL’s biggest critic and they surpassed my expectations. #TeamGBAsabea.
Extraordinary Olympic games in the world’s greatest city. Organisers, volunteers, TFL, the forces and the BBC take a bow #London2012Rick Bristow
Going to miss 14 emails a day off TfL letting me know it’s busy everywhere. :'(Alex
I think now is the time that I show gratitude to tfl during these games. Think they did well. GOOD JOB TFL! #CitizenCuratorsN.K.C.P
The Police, the @tfl employees, the games makers were all superb on the days I went. #2012OlympicsSteve Price
Just got through Stratford station 30 mins before the closing ceremony with no problems! Go on #TFLFrancesca Dowding
Sooo #hydepark #victoriapark and the Olympic stadium all jam packed!! Say around 100,000 ppl maybe more…GOOD LUCK TFL ya gonna need it!Lisa Bailey
great organisation, with helpful and smiling volunteers literally everywhere in London, TFL success & Team GB getting innnnnnnn! #London2012Henry IX
Thanks for the olympic lanes, BMWs, travel passes and suspending our taxi ranks. It’s been great, Tfl. Really great!Graham Long
Bonuses for Tfl, bus drivers, tube drivers & train drivers. Good, honest, charitable London cabbie shit on!Graham Long
The amount of human traffic in Stratford is insane.Maryam
Gonna miss the first half hour of the #ClosingCeremony :'( hurry up #TFLMatthew Tracey©
Good to see the closing ceremony is really capturing what defines London: traffic.Craig Richardson
Closing ceremony has begun with a day in the life of London — a traffic jam! Brennan
This isn’t an accurate representation of driving in London. None of the buses pulled out into traffic without checking their mirrorsBen Steele
No roadworks and the traffic is actually moving – they can’t be representing London roads surelyRichard Clarke
Loads of bloody traffic and the cast of bloody stomp. London back to bloody normal.The Winter Olympics
Fairly realistic portrayal of working London, what with all the traffic coming to a standstill and road rage incidents. #closingceremonyKat
London closing ceremony. Celebrating traffic.Jonny Ghostwriter
Interesting choice, highlighting the traffic problems in #London at the #Olympics. #ClosingCeremony #London2012Adrian Schuurmans
How screwed must London be if they managed a traffic jam at the closing ceremony…!!!Hamish Savania
What the Olympics closing ceremony is missing is a set of traffic lights on the road running through it. That would make it authentic LondonJames Ellis
Traffic in London is terrible. Even the Olympic stadium can’t escape it.Craig George Parker
I have a feeling tomorrow’s journey into work is going to be a right fucking mess. TFL have used all their plasters.TheColonel1978
Thumb up to TFL. They’ve done so so well during the gamewisdom ahamefula
Why is london so proud of its traffic congestion?Charissa Coulthard
Looks like the only place the traffic is running smoothly in London is inside the Olympic stadium. #closingceremony — Prince Charles (@Cha…Adriaan Brillie
the traffic got away quick… must be a record for London #closingceremonySteve Acaster
That’s nothing like London. the traffic’s movingjohn winterbone
So the message to the world is that London is chaotic, full of traffic jams and newspapers dominate? …#closingceremonyDorina
this ceremony must the only place in london where traffic can move, without being stuck in endless jammsBeer_Monstah
Transport teams u have dealt with the challenge & overcome Thank U your a major part of #TeamGB u got everyone to the games @FirstCC #TfLBaldock News
Very quiet Sunday afternoon at a usually closed Cannon Street Station. #tube #TFL #London2012 McGrath
Finally Olympics are finishing. #tfl will still be shit but at least this purple people will go back to their unemploymentFrancesco Ciocchetti
This will end with TFL announcement: ‚the circle, central, district, Victoria, jubilee + northern lines are fucked-Good luck getting home!’danielsimmonds
In 1996, in Atlanta, #TeamGB won ONE gold medal and the transport was crap. How times change. #HighwaysAgency #TfL #closingceremony #BBC2012PeterMediaPR
There is no service on the #EmiratesAirLine due to a large vessel passing underneath. The service should resume soon #TfLEmirates Air Line
Have to say well done to #tfl. My journey to and from work, through Stratford, wasn’t really affected at all during the OlympicsDavid Hayward
Stratford is packed and they’ve shut down the ticket machines. Thanks tfl, great job.Tania.
All I ask TFL is that you maintain at least 10% of the service you’ve delivered in the past two weeks. We now know you can actually do it.James Mullinger
There’d better be a nod to TfL tonight. First 100% public transport games pulled off brilliantly!Keira Hammond
I am pleased to say service has resumed on #EmiratesAirLDN #TfLEmirates Air Line
I wonder what the traffic around London’s going to be like after the closing ceremony, just a thought hahaEmma Louise Fear
#TfL staff have never been more cheery, charming & helpful. Hold on to that feeling Londoners #2012Celine C
I’ll never understand how calm the traffic in Stratford has been. #randomMakesense Allison
Waiting 30 mins for a bus, not impressed TFLAmy Hennessy
Minor delays on the #piccadillyline while we deal with a fire alert at #SouthKensington #TfLTfL Piccadilly line
So London is wanting to be known for their newspapers and traffic congestion. #ClosingCeremonyHannah Crellin
A good service has resumed on the #piccadillyline Platforms and trains may still be busy #TfLTfL Piccadilly line
How are these people getting home? #closingCeremony #tfl #London2012cherryc187
Seems like the only place the traffic in London is moving is in the olympic stadium #ClosingCeremonyRichard Cowderoy
Traffic running freely inside the Olympic stadium tonight…same can’t be said for the rest of London #jamAdnan Mir
Terrible traffic near Stratford. Loads of white Rolls Royces and lorries wrapped in newspaper. Think there was a prang outside Snappy Snaps?Ben Tolfree
“@centralline: Evening all, Alex here providing your live updates tonight for #centralline. Currently a good service #TfL” not for long…Kristian Ward
“@ldnoverground: Evening all, A good service currently running #TfL”…because everyone is at home watching the #closingceremony !Rachel
so can boris stop talking on tfl now?woah dere!
Still half an hour for engineering works to start… #OlympicClosingCeremony #tflBen Smith
Thank you TFL for not messing up….Jummy Obe
As the Olympics is over TFL would like to remind you that extended running hours ended 2 hours ago and the entire tube network is on strikeMartin Shapland
Now the #Olympics is over the tube will break tomorrow #tflMatthew Lawrence
#tfl fail. Back to ’normal service’Charlotte Cook
Let’s hope the TFL are working tonight #closingceremonycarl toni
Fantastic #Olympics2012 – great job #Ldn #Tfl #locog #teamGB and all of #UK. Best modern Olympics ever! Lee
The last train leaves Stratford in 4minutes #TfLPete McLean
I bet the tube and the trains will be a mess tomorrow again now that the Olympics are over #tflMeral Crifasi
#TFL. Now that’s all over can you try and continue to NOT fuck things up? Thanks :) #london2012 #OlympicsLee
Well that’s it all over #closingceremony #London2012 now to the folk @TfLofficial to get everyone home safely. Proud to be a part of #TfLNick B
@Forest_Grump The special late night trains they’ve put on go at 00.30 ishGood planning TFL!Martin Tuttlebee
Now TfL unionists, earn your bonus and get everyone home safe and on time. #closingceremonyMatthew Inness
#TFL Tubes must be running late.. possibly through the night #closingceremonyEsther Poyer
An outstanding two weeks. Credit to all those behind the #BBC coverage. And – though I never thought I’d say it – well done #TfL.Robert Hunt
So, back to clogged roads and miserable tube journeys tomorrow everyone. #London2012 #TfLCharlie Gordon
Peak hour tubes at midnight on a sunday night. Amazing. Nice work TFL!Glen Greer
Shout out to #TFL they did well. I’ve learnt to appreciate the transport in London we complain about it but we’ve got so muchDieticianDerin #IJN
Stratford station to be very busy as the Olympic Ceremony has finished. Please note trains are running later than usual H&C line
Imagine the rush at Stratford station #London2012 #tflAzeem Akhtar
I guess #tfl service and the weather will change for the worse as of tomorrow? #backtonormalBM
An end to extended services, all lines running on weekends & un-chaotic travel. Never seen better transport. #tfl #london2012 #olympicsSaad Hayat
I just had the most amazing #Met line experience. We need more late night tubes #TFL!Bibek Bhandari
Late night tube is a vibe. Do it all the time #TFLNicholas A. Mills
Damned #tfl . Despite promises, stations where closed and trains not delivered… Leading to a lot of walking and home very very lateJonathan Liang

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