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[London 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 4, erster Kontakt mit dem Londoner Pendelverkehr

Dieser Artikel ist Teil der Serie Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London. Eine Übersicht über alle Artikel finden Sie hier.

Der erste Montag der Olympischen Spiele wurde mit Spannung erwartet. Was passiert, wenn die Besucher der Olympischen Wettbewerber auf den Londoner Pendlerverkehr treffen? Nach der ersten Belastungsprobe kann man ohne Zögern sagen: Nichts.

Straßen, Busse und Bahnen sind so leer wie nie zuvor. Anscheinend bestätigt sich meine Voraussage, dass die Londonerinnen und Londoner aus Angst vor dem Verkehrschaos von zu Hause arbeiten oder ihr Verkehrsverhalten stark anpassen.

Am 31.07.2012 gab es jdoch die erste größere Störung, die erhebliche Auswirkungen auf den morgendlichen Pendlerverkehr und den zum Olympiapark hatte. Aber dazu morgen mehr… 

[] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 4, erster Kontakt mit dem Londoner Pendelverkehr

Verkehrsereignisse und Erfahrungen vom vierten Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in .

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Der 30.07. war der erste Tag der Olympischen Spiele mit größeren Herausforderungen für den Londoner Verkehr. Am Wochenende mussten die Öffentlichen Verkehrssysteme und das Londoner Straßennetz nur den Olympischen Verkehr absorbieren, gestern kam der Pendlerverkehr hinzu.

Und auch am ersten Arbeitstag in der Periode der Olympischen Spiele (am Eröffnungsfreitag war der Pendelverkehr schon vorbei) gab es keine größere Schwieirigkeiten. Mit dem britschen Premierminister David Cameron gab es sogar einen prominienten Nutzer des Londoner ÖPNVs.
It’s 1 of the busiest days today.Over 50,000 people expected to attend Equestrian at Greenwich Pk.DLR, Jubilee line & national rail affectedGetAheadoftheGames
Commuters warned as London transport network faces first Olympic weekdayPrime Minister David Cameron said the system was coping well. He said there were "lots of challenges, we’ve got to overcome them one by o…
London 2012: First weekday of Olympics tests public transportToday is the first real test of the capital’s public transport network and how it will cope with the Games. It will be one of the busiest…
First Olympic weekday tests London transportFirst Olympic weekday tests London transport LONDON (AP) – London’s overstretched transit system creaked and groaned but appeared to be c…
My train this morning. Usually full & standing. Everyone’s using those #tfl walking maps… Espindola
Transport faces London 2012 testLondon’s transport network is facing its first major test on the first working day of the Olympics. Transport chiefs say the morning rush…
Wow!!! #londonbridge station so well organised this morning rush hour! Well done #TFL !!!! @GAOTGmagda rakita
Dear Boris & #TFL, credit where it’s due, that was the easiest commute I’ve had in a long time, keep it up. Should be the norm not exceptionFreddy
Left the house later than I do on ‘non-Olympic’ mornings and got to work faster than normal. Odd? Did i just jinx myself? #tfl #London2012Andrea Hynes
Good morning @MayorofLondon and #TFL… just want to let you know my journey to work was fabulous this morning. Great job! #London2012Carl van Heerden
This is #metline at #Wembley now. crowds? #TfL old Boris’ scare tactics have worked! #kingscross was a ghost town too
Don’t know where these masses of people are that #tfl was expecting, but my journey was easy. Got to work 20 Mia faster than normal!!Ashley Brooks
Easiest commute ever… if only every Monday could be an #Olympic Monday #tflAlex Webb
Journey to work was no different to a normal day, actually it was better :) #London2012 #Olympics #tfl #phewJenny Higgins
Not in London, but big accident on #M4 eastbound between junction 5 and 4B. Junction 5 is closed. Expect delays coming into town.TfL Traffic News
Jubilee line, Waterloo at 08:30….whats the rush? #tfl #Olympictravel Coyle
RT @MatthewBarnaby: This is #metline at #Wembley now. crowds? #TfL old Boris’ scare tactics have worked! #kingscross was a ghost town too Bombing Campaign
So anyone else concerned by how quiet the underground and buses are this morning? #TFL have scared everyone away!!!Grant Gowdy
Painless commute to work this morning thank you #TfL @gaotgCasey
Considering I stay 10 mins from the Olympic village, my travels have been surprisingly uneventful. Kudos to #tflAbhijit
Trouble free journey to Earls Court this AM. Good work Southern – more of that please! #London2012 #tflDonna Burgess
Ich glaube die Londoner waren noch nie so entspannt…
CHAOS!!! #Olympics #tfl #lomdon2012
As predicted, no travel chaos. Millennium bug panic was better #CarryOn #TFLHiten Bhatt
Well that was one of the best commutes I’ve ever had. There’s hardly anyone on the Victoria line! #tfl #OlympicsClare Vooght
Sad to say the public transport was a shambles after yesterdays visit to Wembley Stadium. If a bus is diverted TELL US so we dont wait! #tflAG Kaz
I haven’t seen London Bridge and Bank tube platforms that quiet at 9am on a Monday in years! #Olympic2012 #tfl @BBCTravelAlertSW9er
Had the easiest journey ever in to work! every train came on time with tons of space – and victoria station was empty! #tflSsshhh
They should start charging for parking on the M25 and M4, #TFL would make a fortune! #greatideaJon McDonald
First day of #commuting during the #Olympics: London has never been quieter #London2012 #tflAlessandra Bonomolo
i think #tfl succesfully terrified Londoners into not commuting! #quietAdam-marc Kelly
Surprisingly straightforward journey. Well done #tflLipy Ali
Well done TFL. Monday morning smooth runnings. We always diss transport when it’s slow but never appreciate it when it’s good. #tflDorothy Dela Cruz
mad props to tfl – easiest journey of the year into work. #southeastern #tfl #waytogoBen Davis
Loving my commute today. Thanks #london2012 & #tfl for creating much welcomed space on’t Northern Line. Can it be the Olympics every day?!Jenny Teasdale
Ignored #tfl dramatic warnings. So much for Olympic madness, never seen bank station so deadSarah
Crazy traffic scenes on Street. #Olympics
Well done tfl, you’ve pleasantly surprised me.#London2012 #TFLDavid Anderson
No entrance to London Bridge station from 6pm-10pm tonight. This is to avoid clashes with the equestrian events. #TFL #TravelDisruptionKiran Kaur
Roads and transport have been better than ever the last few days, including this morning’s rush hour… Keep it up #TflRonald Crocker
My tube train has never been so empty as it was on Friday and Today. Well done #TfL for your scaremongering campaign. #mugsAndy P
Due in work: 9.30am. Actual time of arrival: 9am. Where did it all go so right? #TFL #OlympicKaosREBUFFEDAidan JR
It was a breeze getting to Canary Wharf this morning #getaheadofthegames #tflLaura Warholic
#tfl #London bridge this am best ever!!! @gaotg obviously has worked! A
Heading to watch the tennis at Wimbledon? Use National Rail services from Waterloo to WimbledonGetAheadoftheGames
Well done for the transport of London this morning. Even if Im at work one hour early #tflElisa Fuentes
The Piccadilly and District lines will be exceptionally busy today with spectators heading to Earls Court and WimbledonGetAheadoftheGames
Unbelievable! Hahahaha! #tfl #London #tube Menon
Have to say was surprised how smooth my tube journey into work was today. Lets hope for same getting home later.#TFL #london2012Hitesh Tailor
NEW: Delays to and from London Liverpool Street until further notice. A broken down train is causing … #fbNational Rail
So…this journey has taken me almost the same amount of time it would take me to get to Cardiff…well done. #TfL. #jokesTom Norman
CLEARED: Delays to and from London Liverpool Street. Trains are now running normally to and from London Liverpool Street … #fbNational Rail
#TfL majorly fucking up. Just had to validate at platform 10 @ London Bridge then trek to platform 1 where I wanted to go.Alex Shilling
#TfL will claim new system eases congestion but more people running about confused than there were before #Olympics.Alex Shilling
London Bridge exit only through rush hour? Not sure I get the logic…crazy! No wonder LDN will be busy if you won’t let people leave #tflLucy McDonald
Cannon Street, Charing Cross, Waterloo East & Canary Wharf will be very busy this evening. Re-time your journey to avoid the crowdsGetAheadoftheGames
The Jubilee line & DLR will be very busy, especially in the evening peak. Consider using alternative lines at busy timesGetAheadoftheGames
Olympic transport runs smoothlyLondon’s transport system has run smoothly on the first full working day of the 2012 Olympic Games. Transport for London said it had "gon…
Greenwich town centre will be exceptionally busy, particularly in the afternoon. If possible, avoid driving in and around Greenwich today.GetAheadoftheGames
The #Olympics have turned the tube into a friendly up-to-date info provider – I’m in shock! Needs to continue after the games! #TFLCamilleA
Talk about #traffic with the crazy Olympics only lane! Thank god for feet and the tube! Public transport all the way! Lynne
That is David Cameron at station Chilvers
Olympics transport gets David Cameron’s seal of approvalAs the network faces its first big test carrying Olympic spectators around the city prime minister David Cameron has shown his faith in T…
Just saw the PM at stratford! Argyle
The @jubileeline has minor delays, eastbound only btn #GreenPark and #Stratford only due to faulty platform edge doors at #Southwark #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
Either no one is going to the Limpicks or #tfl has done an astonishing job. C London quieter than a Sunday afternoonMichael Evamy
Why #TFL put these Olympic lanes in place when they are completely empty and not getting nearly enough use to warrant them?? #britsatwork !!Emily EvansSchreiber
Major delays between #Havant and Portsmouth Harbour / Fareham until end of service #fbNational Rail
It seems the hype of overcrowding is not happening on #tfl #jubileeline the carriages have free seats! #justsaying Using the free wifi :)Christopher Leader
Ok so it took no time at all to get to Greenwich. Stratford was a bit busy, but nothing to complain about. Am impressed #tfl #London2012Darryl Hannah Baker
Home time soon, please let the tube be ok! #tfl #Olympics2012Nigel
So far so good on the tubes #TfL #olympics all going well for my relaxing night in for the first time in about eight months…Claire McAteer
Worked in London today and it was actually an improvement on my usual #tfl experience. Something’s working out right!Stevie
Has #TFL won the battle against congestion or are people staying away? I had a pretty smooth commute todayPK
No traffic problems here #london2012 #tfl @ NH Kensington Barratt
Day 1 of Olympics commuter chaos… and there isn’t any: Much-feared transport ni… #MailOnline BUTT
How busy is Stratford?? Just making panic that most stations are busy but its not. This is the second day I’m observing
#TfL hasn’t broken down at all like londoners have imagined, what is all the fuss about? #callmecomplacentFelix Tran
Delays of up to 60 minutes are still continuing between #Havant and Portsmouth Harbour / Fareham #fbNational Rail
Rammed on the train to Stratford! Not! Wallace
Smoothest / emptiest journey to and from work on the central line ever. Calm down, people! #Olympics2012 #TfLPaul Mason
So far travel in London has been excellent. #TFL #Boris #OlympicsRosie L
Just smashed the city airport – earlsfield WR, during rush hour; a seat was a bonus. Bravo #London2012 #tflBen Watkiss
Getting to work and back actually seems better during #london2012. can the #olympics stay on afterwards?? #tflFahim Afghan
#TFL is running more smoother now that the #olympics is on tbh.Angieee
Well done TFL, this has got to be the easiest commute ever! 1 day down 9 to go…. #TfL @MayorofLondonThomas Hester
Travel in London is such a breeze this week can #London2012 legacy be this level of efficiency and helpfulness all year round? #TfLRachel Hedley
Also London transport A* very quick and impressive. #tflVixster McVic
The tubes @ trains didn’t break today?! It’s a miracle! Possibly bigger news than the second coming of Jesus. #tfl #takethatjesus #newtrickJack Blackmore
Outstanding service by #LondonUnderground Olympics + Regular crowd is superbly managed. #London2012 #TfLAsif Malik
Got to hand it to #tfl, the tube is running well. Can we have the olympics every week please Partridge
David Cameron cuddles up to some Olympic volunteers on #Olympic tube to Stratford earlier Maguire
On the tube with PM earlier and my phone dies -aghhh. Here’s some more pics of his journey to Stratford for #Olympics Maguire
Passengers are advised to use alternative stations such as Cannon Street, Charing Cross and Blackfriars and avoid London Bridge if they canGetAheadoftheGames
Second easiest commute I’ve ever had. Easiest was during the last tube strike. #TfL #london2012 #dontbelievethehypeMr Rondonk
Tubes have been really quiet today..nice one #TFLAnnie Gardner
Finishing the day with trip back to from Olympic Village on Javelin train Carver
It took 1.5hr to get home. Not because of #congestion or the #Olympics. It was because the bus was 15mins ahead of schedule!!! #TfL #ironyLinzbh
London Bridge seemed much quieter than normal tonight – is everyone working from home? #tflNunheadNeil
Brillant day at Olympic Park sunny, well organised, fun, friendly and no queues of note. Javelin train speedy + not packed. Am I in dream?Jicca Smith
That was the easiest, quietist journey in the history of the central line #tfl #London2012Alice Dunn
No service on @districtline btn #PutneyBridge & #Wimbledon while we fix a fault with the track at #Southfields Good service on rest of lineTfL Travel Alerts
Stratford Station is MAYHEM!! #London2012 Sullivan
Oh District line, you have been doing so well. I expected you to fail well before Day 4 #tfl #transportfailIsabel Marks
Is it too early to say #TFL overestimated the olympic hoards? Streets and tube are pretty quiet, even for August.Sarah Merrick
Evening All! Well done #TfL today! Lovely job!Alan Michael
Leaving WIMBLEDON? Part suspension on District line between Putney Bridge & Wimbledon. Consider our alternative routesGetAheadoftheGames
Leaving WIMBLEDON? Walk/take shuttle bus 2 Wimbledon station & take SW train 2 Clapham Junction, Vauxhall & Waterloo.All tkts acceptedGetAheadoftheGames
Leaving WIMBLEDON? Walk to Wimbledon station and take buses 57, 93, 131 and 219 to South Wimbledon station for Northern LineGetAheadoftheGames
Network Rail has informed us London Bridge platforms 1-6 are now open – access only via station approach.Services running well #southeasternSoutheastern
rare tweet but so far,well since the Olympics started on Friday,I’ve had no issues getting to or from work changing at Stratford! #TfLMichaela Coulton
best journey home all year. if this is what the Olympics brings then I don’t mind if it stays all year, or forever. #TfLSuad (sue)-(add)
Leaving WIMBLEDON for Putney? Part suspension on District line Putney Bridge-Wimbledon. Take bus 39 from Southfields-additional servicesGetAheadoftheGames
The new volunteers on public transport appear very polite, knowledgable & helpful. Can they please replace regular monosyllabic #tfl staff?KRISTINE KILTY
Public transport better than ever! We should have Olympics more often! #Olympics2012 #Boris #TFLJamie Dunlop
Olympic travel hotspot Jubilee line to Stratford 2.30pm Saunders
Just posted a photo @ Railway Station (SFA) David Mercer
Empty DLR to Stratford International at 6:25am every day

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