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[London 2012] Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 5, erste größere Probleme

Dieser Artikel ist Teil der Serie Verkehr während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London. Eine Übersicht über alle Artikel finden Sie hier.

In den ersten Tagen der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in gab es keine größeren Zwischenfälle. Dies hat sich gestern geändert. Am Morgen des 31.07.2012 gab es in der U-Bahnstation Leyton einen Feueralarm. Daraufhin wurden alle Züge der Central line zwischen Leytonstone und Liverpool Street gestoppt. Damit war auch der Olympiapark nicht mehr mit der Central line erreichbar. 

Leider blieb unklar, ob der Feueralarm in einem Zug oder in der U-Bahnstation ausgelöst wurde. Die Londoner Feuerwehr wurde wegen Brandgeruchs gerufen, konnte aber bis 09:30 Uhr keinen Brandherd entdecken. Die Feuerwehr verließ die Station wieder gegen 10:20 Uhr. Dennoch benötigte Transport for London sieben (!) Stunden, um den die Central line ohne Verspätungen fahren zu lassen. Die Bedienung der Linie war für über zwei Stunden eingestellt.

Am Nachmittag fiel der zwischen St Pancras und International teilweise aus.

Gegen Abend kam es an den Stationen Cannon Street und London Bridge zu massiven Verspätungen und Überfüllung. Die Bilder von wartenden Passagieren in den Stationen ab 18 / 19 Uhr sind wirklich beeindruckend. Bitte anschauen!

Ich persönlich habe gestern gerlernt, wie schnell die Stimmung umschlagen kann. In den ersten Tagen waren die Londoner voll des Lobes für Transport for London, gestern hätte man die Verantworlichen am liebsten gelyncht. Ich habe auch das erste Mal Tweets bewusst nicht zitiert, da die Inhalte wirklich unter der Gürtellinie waren. Fand ich persönlich nicht mehr lustig…

[] während der Olympischen Spiele 2012 – Tag 5, erste größere Probleme

Verkehrsereignisse und Erfahrungen vom fünften Tag der Olympischen Spiele 2012 in London.

Storified by Zukunft · Wed, Aug 01 2012 02:00:48

RT @nationalrailenq:Delays between Cambridge and Stansted Airport / London Liverpool Str expected until 09:00. An …
The Jubilee line will be exceptionally busy today with events happening at most venues. Try to use an alternate line.GetAheadoftheGames
The busiest times across the network today 7.30-10am & 4-8pm. Consider retiming your journey to avoid the busiest times.GetAheadoftheGames
Verspätungen Liverpool Street bis Stratford sowie von Norden zwischen Woodford und Stratford
First attempt an an Olympic commute and the @centralline fails. Thanks tfl. #centralline #FAILPhil Cobb
(1 of 2) The @centralline is suspended btn #Leytonstone and #LiverpoolStreet while we respond to a fire alert at #LeytonTfL Travel Alerts
(2 of 2) London Underground tickets will be accepted on Greater Anglia and local services. Minor delays on the rest of the line #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
The @centralline now has no service between #Woodford / #Newbury Park and #LiverpoolStreet while we respond to a fire alert #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
All routes serving Camberwell New Road are subject to delays of about 20 minutes due to heavy traffic congestion in the area.TfL Bus Alerts
@BBCTravelAlert central line train on fire at Leyton. Line part suspended. Nice walk in the rain to #stratford. Not!!Grant Osborn
London Bridge National Rail Station will be very busy during morning and peak hours. Consider retiming your trips.GetAheadoftheGames
Baker Street, Kings Cross and Green Park stations will be very busy. Using a nearby station and walking could be faster!GetAheadoftheGames
Defective train has suspended Central Line #centralline #londonunderground
Whoever is managing the @centralline today from @TfLofficial needs to fix this shambles. Cobb
Yesterday getting to work via #Stratford and the #CentralLine was a breeze, today the usual fight on the train and no #CentralLine :-(natmiller
Visitors to #london2012, THIS is what london’s about. #CentralLine #failOlivia Alter
So There’s Non #CentralLine And They Advise Take A Bus….Look At The Foooking Queue Lol#MorningFromHell @55
We were called to Leyton Underground Station this morning following reports of a smell of burning. Crews found no sign of a fire.London Fire Brigade
So I hear the central line is suspended between Liverpool St and Newberry Park… Isn’t that a main route into StratfordNatalie Cole
An hour just to get to Stratford from leytonstone. That’s more like it. Welcome back appalling TfL service. How I’ve missed you. @TF_FAILGareth Dimelow
RT @nationalrailenq: London 2012 Games – trains from London Liverpool Street to Stratford may be busy due to problems on London Underground Central Line.Network Rail
BBC breakfast talking about how easy it is getting to Stratford. No mention of the central line being suspended this morning. ;)Abby
Thank you Central line for ruining my day! #TFL #LondonUnderground #TFFail @TF_FAILArsalaan
#centralline epic fail!SorceForce
#TFL is joking with these buses. London transport so NOT ready for #Olympics. #Transport #Fail.Ida Alwin
London 2012 – Liverpool Street to Stratford services are very busy with people going to Olympic Park – problems on LUL Central Line.National Rail
It was too good to be true #tflFORTUNE!!
On the train on the way up to Stratford. Central Line fucked so having to do de-tours. Should make it for ten! #BBCOlympics #CentralLineJoshua Coupe
The Central line is DOWN towards/from Stratford. Welcome to everyday life in London, visitors. #London2012 #tflKelvin Lee
#TFL Typical Central Line Suspended , like it ain’t already hard enough to get to work !!!! #2012millie fog
Have now been waiting on the tube for two hours! No word from driver for 30 minutes, this is frankly discusting #tube #tfl #london2012 #BBCJamie McDonald
#HeathrowT123 Station on the @piccadillyline is closed while we respond to a fire alert. Tickets will be accepted on local bus services #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
Our crews have now left Leyton Underground Station #centrallineLondon Fire Brigade
#HeathrowT123 Station on the @piccadillyline has re-opened #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
Olympic surprise: London traffic moving finewith most London motorists choosing to stay away or working from home, it’s actually less aggravating to get around town now than usual. …
A gold medal to Team TFL for their excellent disruptions on the #centralline this morningTanya Jaffe
Buses gridlocked with queues of people waiting for them. Leyton evacuated due to fire. #centrallineHollie Rose Clarke
@centralline = USELESS, can’t even run a proper service for 2 days in a row….hisham elhadji
Routes 46,139,187 and 189 serving Grove End Road, St John’s Wood area are subject to delays and diversion due to a road traffic accident.TfL Bus Alerts
#centralLine is actually beyond at joke! I hate this train so much.MALAY BABY
Hour an a half late to work and still nowhere near work #CentralLineJosh Ismail
Thank you to #TFL and the #CentralLine again today for ruining my good mood. I hate you.Holly Desveaux
1.5 hours later and I’m nearly at work… Thanks #centrallineLee Isaacs
Great. The main tube line into #London2012 is down. Well done London #CentralLineJFlavell
The @centralline now resumed with severe delays. London Underground tickets will be accepted on Greater Anglia, FGW and local bus servicesTfL Travel Alerts
Train packed thanks to the #centralline going down :(Robbie Miller
Due to a fire alert on the Central line 4 extra single deck buses have been deployed to help route 66 from Gants Hill and Leytonstone.TfL Bus Alerts
Train fault causes delays for London transportLONDON (Reuters) – Spectators travelling to the Olympics scrambled for alternative routes on Tuesday after a smoking train forced the clo…
Due to a fire alert on the central line, 7 extra buses have been deployed to supplement route 25 going westbound up to Holborn.TfL Bus Alerts
Due to a fire alert on the Central line, , 8 extra buses have been deployed to help along the route 275 between Walthamstow and Woodford.TfL Bus Alerts
Had an absolute nightmare on #centralline this morning. So glad it is finally up and running even if there are delays #leastihaveaseatJemma Stern
RT @gaotg: Please be aware that the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines will be very busy late afternoon/evening with spectators going to WembleyTfL Travel Alerts
The DLR, Central, Jubilee and Piccadilly lines will be very busy throughout the dayGetAheadoftheGames
Central line ws f@cked again this morning.. Thanks to #tfl again for makin me late for work!Mani Nanua
Olympic surprise: London traffic moving fine, at least for nowThe Daily Reporter is committed to being the most trusted and comprehensive source of information in each community and market we serve: …
The @centralline now operating with minor delays due to an earlier incident. Updates to follow as soon as we can #TfLTfL Travel Alerts
The #centralline now operating with minor delays due to an earlier incident. Updates to follow #TfLTransport for London
En route to #Wimbledon. Very impressed with #TFL so far. Well done!Emma Holifield
London Olympics haunted by transport problemsWith the 2012 Summer Olympics under way, the public transport system in London is stretched to the limit while the city center is paralyz…
I understand flow control, but possibly having both going down would have been better? #TfL #londonbridge Thoreau
@TfLofficial #centralline was it fire or broken down train or fire on broken down train #tfl #failNubian Princess
@TfLofficial how difficult is it for station assistants to give the right information to waiting passengers #tfl #failNubian Princess
6 hours to fix train failure on #centralline. 3.45 hrs to get to work #sortitout #boris johnsonNubian Princess
Big delays in Javelin leaving St Pancras Station. "problems in Stratford area" #london2012 #stuckMaryGearinAbc
Hmm… on Javelin train from St Pancras to #Olympic Park. Normally takes 6 mins. But not moving. Announcer: unexplained delay down the lineSean Mallen
If you are travelling into London St Pancras this afternoon please be aware that there are queuing systems in place for the JavelinEast Midlands Trains
National Rail report that, due to incident, the JAVELIN is suspended Stratford to Ebbsfleet. Severe delays on St Pancras to Stratford.GetAheadoftheGames
Because of problems @ #DagenhamDock, if travelling from London to Stratford, use trains from Liverpool Street not St Pancras.National Rail
First transport queues of the Olympic games | ITV NewsToday’s travel where you are The first transport queues of the Olympic games broke out today after a trespass incident at Ebbsfleet. It h…
@GAOTG: Due to incident, the JAVELIN is suspended Stratford to Ebbsfleet. Severe delays on St Pancras to Stratford.FirstCapitalConnect
No trains from St Pancras to Ebbsfleet.. What a joke. Only had to walk to Euston, underground to victoria and the longest train back home!Matt Fry
The @centralline now has minor delays #Leytonstone – #Epping / #Hainault due to earlier faulty train at Leyton. Good service on rest of lineTfL Travel Alerts
90 min delays between St Pancras & Ebbsfleet – ouch # #javelinPeter Mount
The #londondlr has minor delays on all routes while we fix a signal systems failure. #TfLTransport for London
@londondlr thanks for the delay to my journey. Won’t accept my Games travelcard on #emiratesairline even when network is down. Thanks #TfLJennifer Bishop
blimey the Southeastern Javelin service which is useful to get from St Pancras to the Olympic Park was closed earlier. Must have been havocEdward Dawes
: Service between & Ashford International & St Pancras International disrpupted due to a suicidal trespasser at Dagenham Dock.Kent 999s
Delays hit London Olympic transport system after train faultUpdated at 5:39 a.m. ET: LONDON — Olympic spectators traveling to the Games in London faced delays Tuesday after a faulty train temporar…
Sign says Javelin service only to St. Pancras – but only Ebbsfleet destined trains arrive. #London2012 Mackin
No service on #londondlr btn #Bank or #TowerGateway and #Shadwell while an issue with a signal is rectified. Good service other routes #TfLTransport for London
How many people can you squash in a Central Line train carriage #RejectedOlympicEvents #TFLSadie Landau
What’s all the fuss about this #London2012 travel chaos . Plain sailing all day. Tube running like a dream . #Olympics #TfLGareth Helson
What surprises me the most, is the 000’s of people we were told were coming thru St Pancras.Is the Olympics being held in Narnia?MikeTheCabbie
Trains: Southeastern Javelin services subject to 30 min delays St Pancras to Ebsfleet Int due to an incident at Dagenham DockSouthern travel news
All Aboard! ….express service to the Olympic Park. @ St Pancras Platfrom 11-13é-Miguel Amengual
Well done to #TFL, just 7.5 hours to bring back services on the Central Line to normal after defective train in the morningTal Ofer
On the Javelin train sat at St Pancras. The world is watching. The train should have left 10 mins ago. Over the tannoy: …Luke Holland
The olympocalypse hasn’t really happened on London transport so far. Hate to say it, but well done #TfL – London’s doing us proud.pandacat
Trespass 15:47 Ashford Int-St Pancras Int 16 mins late Ashford Int #southeastern
#Tfl Another caothic day in the tube; now northern line with several problems…unfortunately nothing new!!santiago
#Tfl three letters that you will never see in an opening ceremony and something that london never will be proud of!!!santiago
Trespass 16:16 Ebbsfleet Int-St Pancras Int 17 mins late Ebbsfleet Int #southeastern
Buses in the Tower Bridge Road SE1 area are subject to delays due to traffic congestion.TfL Bus Alerts
Trespass 16:23 Ebbsfleet Int-St Pancras Int 8 mins late Ebbsfleet Int #southeastern
Can it be Olympics all year? Loving the easy tube ride. #centrallineWill Of My Own
Olympic Javelin trains from Stratford to St Pancras #failChris Quirk
NEW: Delays to and from London Cannon Street until further notice. A signalling problem is causing … #fbNational Rail
1 way system at canary wharf so effing unnecessary, it’s not that busy, 8 mile walk to DLR is ridic. #tflCraig Cooper
Oh dear. Was only a matter of time. We made it to Tuesday – is that like a Bronze medal? #tfl #cannonstreet Phillips
Javelin to St.Pancras 0/10 on Day 5! 5.28pm canc’led – after 20 mins standing on Plat 1, all told to change to Plat 2 – and the next 1 late!Tim Hutchings
#TFL #tetchy #olympic2012 Show me the way to go home… I’m tired and I want to go to bed!! Constantino
So this is what #TFL call an organised transport system! Great way to top off a shit day! #thankstfl! Persand
#Cannon Street #thegames Jones
Entire concourse at St Pancras roped off to funnel people to javelin train to stratford. Empty. Tiny passage for everyone else. Rammed.bridgetmck
Regretting not cycling in. I have a feeling the underground is going to make me cry #benicetome #tflEmma-Louise
St Pancras broken (no #hs1 anyway) Cannon st. broken (points failure, nothing moving). Now at Victoria. 3rd time lucky eh #southeastern ?Garry Gibson
CLEARED: Trains are now running normally between London St Pancras International and Ebbsfleet International #fbNational Rail
Ok guess I spoke too soon about #TFL #CannonStreet
So the great #tfl fuck up has startedDesmond
Well done #tfl you fucked up today on a major scale. Fyi. We are not cattle so stop herding like we are. We r customers #tflhatescommuters.Bubble
And so it begins… Olympic mayhem at London Bridge which isn’t even caused by Olympic overcrowding just cancellations and delays #TfLAndrew Riley
will I make it home… #TFL Constantino
The Jubilee and Metropolitan lines will be busy this evening with spectators going to Wembley. Leave early to avoid crowds.GetAheadoftheGames
Amazing. Been on a stationary train from Greenwich to London bridge, should take 8 minutes. I’ve now been on a train for 40minutes #TfLMike Lee
#TFL…thought it was too good to be true…#moredelays #centrallineNubian Princess
Omg what is wrong with the central line today!! #tfl need to sort it out!!! Stupid underground system everything goes wrong !!!!!Anthony kyriacou
London bridge is a nightmare. Barriers are making it worse.No real need for them. Trust tfl to fuck it up after a good start #tfl #OlmypicsLee Ackerman
@THEJamesWhale @BBCTomEdwards Are #TFL coping I think not Cannon st station mayhem.New picture. Mc
LONDON BRIDGE is extremely busy – please avoid if possibleGetAheadoftheGames
I’ve never seen the Walworth Road this quiet unless it’s an early Sat/Sun morning! #london2012 #tfl #travelchaos Sesay
Delays for upto one hour #tfl #cannonstreet and it’s not even cos of #olympic2012Shivonne Campbell
What us all the fuss about? #tfl #londonunderground Edmonds
Took me 4 hours to get to work this morning. #centralline best be working now.S. Jaan
While I had to miss 2 trains almost every morning because it was so packed (Pre-Olympics). I now have a seat to and from work! LOL #TFLDihan
Just experiencing my first bout of delayed train syndrome at Cannon Street since #Olympics2012 began. Shocking. #tflAdam Cork
So London transport coped 1 day & now it’s an actual meltdown central #Olympics #TfLZoë Louise Colbridge
#CannonStreet – Southeastern season ticket holders may use Javelin services between London St Pancras Int’l and Ashford Int’l #fbNational Rail
#CannonStreet – passengers may use Docklands Light Railway services on reasonable routes #fbNational Rail
Don’t you love points failures in the London bridge area. What a joke our network rail company is. Mckey
Well Done #TFL you got more #Delays than Wilsheres come back. #PatheticVu Pham
No trains from cannon street or London bridge tonight, then queuing to get onto a train home from st pancras, FUQ U OLYMPICSSS :( ARGHHHHHH.Stevie Louise
"@RGibsie: London bridge is madness…" this is what we will b putting up with 4the duration of the #Olympics *despair*Fil Ciftci
Why @TfLofficial say than London Bridge is really busy, when It is more quiet than any day at this time. Pizarro
Not sure how this helps. Now I’m in the queue for the wrong platform because that train has gone. Now how do I change platform!? #tflChristos Savvides
Nice one Boris – only the second working day of the Olympics and this is the beautiful sight outside Cannon Street…
Signal failures causing delays of 30 minutes and cancellations. At least we are sharing our culture with Olympic tourists #tfl #london2012Christos Savvides
London Bridge is falling down! #tfl #london2012Matt Langley
I feel sorry for anyone even attempting to use London Bridge station this evening. @nationalrailenq Middleton
@MissCarlyCHANTS @Joshuwaaa91 just saw a pic of the massssiveee queue of people at cannon street. FOOOK London atm chantler
“@GAOTG: LONDON BRIDGE is extremely busy – please avoid if possible” That’s a an understatement! Will
#TfL am loving this #london2012 getting to & from work is a doodle!Michael Berg
So much for perfect transport during the olympics I will be home at midnight! I’m so happy I folk out fortunes for this service! #tflPolly Knight
#tfl is a joke today. Thanks a lot #London2012 left work an hour ago and am still in the cityBrooke Waterworth
You know how you deep clean your house when you have visitors coming? Well, it seems that #tfl has done that for the Olympics. #impressedSam
So much for stations being exceptionally busy at all times during the #London2012 games, got to and from work faster than normal #tflSam Fitzpatrick
DLR staff trying to announce in French. Hilarious. #TFL saying don’t use Canning Town yet only place to get train to Woolwich Arsenal.Nicolettew
Organisation of #TFL staff and underground at #Stratford is a joke @TFLfailJames Tarry
I swear #tfl is putting on fake delays just to style out all the warnings they made. Bare imaginary traffic with the driver shook to move.jerunimo jackson
#tfl #olympics #boris Thanks for making commuting as hard as winning gold.Lee
London bridge is fun. It takes me 10mins to weave through the gates and get to the platform. It’s not even that busyJames Porter
London Bridge is a nightmare at the moment #BorisYouAintGotAClue #Travel #TFL #DoinItAllWrongShaun Marcroft
#CannonStreet – congestion is causing delays of up to 10 minutes to some @firstcc services through London Bridge #fbNational Rail
#TFL staff are the most unhelpful, moany, ungrateful, impolite gits in London. # Never had one politely help EVERJames Tarry
#M4 closed both ways J1 to 3 tonight for work to assist movement of Games traffic. Diversions via A4 and A312. See Agency
South Eastern passengers are being advised to avoid London Bridge and use Charing Cross instead. Tickets being accepted on Underground.London Midland
London Bridge is still very busy, but passengers may use the station as required. You may still need to queue though #fbNational Rail
Omg i’m still stuck at fucking london bridge #southeasternCazticles
Fantastic journey to and from the Olympic Park today.Ely to Kings Cross then Javelin train from St Pancras to Stratford Int/Olympic ParkJonathan James
LONDON BRIDGE UPDATE: Operating as normal. Southeastern services still subject to delays and cancellationsGetAheadoftheGames
Overcrowding at Olympic stationCommuters were urged to avoid London Bridge, one of the hotspot stations during the Olympics, during the evening . The station w…
Network was coping "extremely well" with the extra demands from the Games. Overcrowding at London Bridge station Whitefield
Tube is much quieter this week! Thanks #london2012, #tfl, keep up the good work.Ashley Desjarlais
UPDATE LONDON BRIDGE: Southeastern services returning to normal with minor delaysGetAheadoftheGames
Delays to and from London #CannonStreet and through London Bridge until further notice delays now up to 30 minutes #fbNational Rail

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Ist interessiert an innovativen Konzepten zum Lösen der Herausforderungen von morgen insbesondere in den Bereichen urbane Mobilität, Verkehr im ländlichen Raum, Wirkung autonomer Fahrzeugsysteme und nachhaltige Verkehrskonzepte.


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